Pre-Buyer Inspection

Mobile Pre-buyer Inspection - have an estimator come to your location - Contact us for price.

The cost is for a vehicle located with-in the NY, NJ, Philadelphia metropolitan area. Additional mileage charges may apply, contact us for price.


Cars, trucks, trailers, RV's, motorcycles, specialty, custom & antiques.


Recommended Use:
The Pre-Buyer Inspection consists of a bumper to bumper general condition estimate of over 50 points of interest. The report gives a potential buyer an idea of what is available on the market before choosing the vehicle that will potentially be purchased. It is not a mechanical inspection. We do not verify matching numbers or authenticity. Some of the things included in our 50-point check are: pictures, serial number, engine number, we make sure the engine is cold before starting and let you know how it starts. We also check the quality of the paint, floor pans, frame, body, lights, gauges, glass, chrome, and a test drive as a passenger. You can request a sample report.
Our field estimator will contact the seller with-in 24 hours to inspect the vehicle. After the inspection we will call you and explain the report.